And now for something completely different: Cashiers!

I have only one question to ask in this regard – how is it possible to find so many extra large and sloppy people to man this position in our stores? We are part of a very large industry employing many people across all our stores – and yet, the industry seems to be intent on doing itself a disservice when it comes to employing people behind the paypoint.

Yes I know this is not a polite question to ask but it is one we need to think about when we recruit staff. They are the personal touch, the reflection of our business! So surely there are better looking people out there who take a bit of care and some pride in themselves for us to employ? Our customers do not know us as the managers or owners of our stores – but they do know our cashiers. They represent our business – they are the business!

Step out of your office now and just take a look at who you have serving your customers right now, today? Are they neat? Are they clean – and their hands and nails? Their hair? Look with new eyes and be honest with yourself. Is this how you see yourself? Remember they are you while serving your customers!

Our cashiers are our “face” to our customers. What is the condition of their uniforms? Visit competitor stores – it is always easier to find faults in other people’s businesses rather than our own. Take a good look at the people behind the counter. What do you see?

Maybe I am being prejudiced here but to me extremely fat people are generally lazy – and we all know exceptions to this rule too. But on the whole, it portrays a negative image – one I do not want to have in my business. Certainly not one I want reflected as my image.

So what do you look for next time you recruit a new cashier? I always look at energy levels – young, exciting, youthful – and of course attractive! All the things I want to be and I want to show to my customers. Sure these are not the only criteria, and we will look at other criteria later, but for the purpose of this discussion, looks are being overlooked throughout this industry.

Take care out there

Jocelyn Daly



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