The year that was!

For many of us, this was a year from hell! Not only was trading difficult and challenging, it was a year for many changes in our industry – with far too much uncertainty as to where we would all land up. Hey but we got though it more or less in tact! So that is good news.

 Keeping with some good news, the best special seen on offer at the moment is R29 per GB for an ADSL line. No catch with top ups remaining the same (R29 per GB) contact for more information and see below.

Use this time to recharge those batteries. This is your time to be with your family and loved ones- concentrate on them.

For those of you at the coast or on route to the coast – may trading be both brisk and profitable!

Speak to all again in 2010

Take care out there

Jocelyn Daly R29/GB

For more information contact;

  1. #1 by Mahomed Vaid on September 20, 2010 - 3:54 pm

    hi i read previously that you have a book on merchandising, i cant find it on your website, please can you give me info re. books available as well as costs.

    Kind Regards


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