Hello to all of you once again!

After my last note I thought it would be appropriate to look and compare various current promotional activities out there in the industry. Put them up on a spreadsheet and look and test how each one of us are doing in terms of addressing our customers. Boy was I in for a surprise…

So here is a list of the stores I visited:

2 Engens with a Woolworths offering
2 Caltex sites – none with the new offering of a Fresh Stop
2 Bp’s – one with a P&P offering and one without
1 Shell Select
No Totals
No Sasols

And the outcome? I shake my head as I write this. Not one store besides the Shell Select which had a pamphlet – could tell me what was on special. On the Engen sites – a supervisor was called each time – and they could not tell me what was on special. In fact they said they had none running at the time.

On all the other sites – the cashiers conferred with one another to check if in fact there were any specials – only to tell me there were not any running!!. I ask you with tears in my eyes…..because most did in fact have specials on promotion!!

And I walked each store before I asked the question at the tills! So before I got there I found one or two items on special – and the cashiers did not know about them. Yes they were not well marked – nor was there any special attention given to them on the floor – but they existed none the less.

One store – the P&P Express – which also called a supervisor who pronounced that there were no specials running at the time – when I walked out of the store – I saw a notice at the entrance to the store that both white bread and fresh milk were on special. But both staff and supervisors did not know about it? And as a customer I did not notice it going in – even though I was specifically looking for specials??

So I failed in my personal objective this week – but perhaps I did not? If the staff do not know what is going on in the store – how will your customers know?? And therein lies the nub of the question.

Take care out there

Jocelyn Daly


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