And now for a good cup!

Consumers see coffee as an integral part of their everyday lives, it is not an impulse purchase. Nearly 96 percent of customers intend to buy a cup of coffee prior to walking in, according to Willard Bishop, an industry consultancy. If a customer comes in for coffee, the average visit is about two minutes, which makes the location of other merchandise located near the coffee bar a good way to increase the customer’s purchase amount. Some retailers are finding that customers will typically purchase bottled water or a grab-and-go breakfast item with a cup coffee, or a packaged snack item such as an energy, protein or granola bar.

Here are some promised suggestions on how to serve a good cup of coffee.

  1. Ensure that your staff are properly trained on all aspects of making a good coffee. This includes understanding the machines your have bought and how the different components impact on the end result. You cannot send them on a course and then expect them to be able to deliver a good product. It needs practice and reinforcement at store level – all of the time.
  2. Have one coffee expert on each of your shifts. Rather train fewer staff members correctly – than try to have them all being half good at it.
  3. You should not have any beans in your store older than two weeks. Fresh is best. Keep your orders down and rather receive stock more often.
  4. Check your own products regularly. Test cups of coffees being made on your site. Many of the staff I spoke to on this journey do not themselves drink coffee. So how can they tell a good one from a bad one? Quality is in your hands.
  5. Alternatively find a customer that enjoys a good coffee – that can come in once a week to do taste tests for you.
  6. Beans should only be ground as and when required. The longer they stand unused – the less chance of getting a good cup of coffee.
  7. Check how long the loaded coffee head sits – before they start to pour. Once again flavor and taste will be compromised.
  8. Check that the machines are well maintained and kept clean at all times.
  9. Bring in expert coffee makers regularly onto your site! They will be able to tell you what is not being done properly and help you address the problem.
  10. Here is a nice saying that I came across in researching this subject:

    “A finely prepared cup of coffee should be enjoyed as thoughtfully as it was prepared”. (National Coffee Association of USA, Inc)

    The quality of the coffee being served in your store is up to you! Your attitude determines the difference between a good cup of coffee – and one that leaves a bitter taste in your customer’s mouth!

    Take care out there!

    Jocelyn Daly
    If you are looking for assistance in this regard you can contact us directly via our website at or email us at

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