About Jocelyn Daly

Jocelyn has been involved in Energy and Retail, primarily the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector of these industries, for the last 20 Years. The bulk of this time has been spent in specializing in operations and supply chain, focusing on maximizing the return on investment for both the operator as well as the supplier.


 2002 – 2009      C Stores for Africa (Pty) Ltd

Managing Director                                  Cape Town, SA
C Stores for Africa (Pty) Ltd focuses on the downstream oil industry within the Southern African region. The company offers its clients strategic support with their operational networks in Southern Africa. We have extensive in-depth experience within this and similar and related industries.

It develops specific training solutions to meet individual company business requirements. It does not sell off the shelf programmes and has been very successful in satisfying its client’s needs by being creative and innovative in the methodologies used. In 2004, the company won a global award as a preferred supplier for BP.

The training facilitators are experts in their fields of operation, such as Finance, People Management, HSEQ and Operations. The company only works with preferred suppliers, who understand this particular niche market. Jocelyn focuses on the marketing side of the business, in attaining long-term contracts for the delivery of training in this particular region. The company has been involved with projects in regions such as Morocco, Egypt, Kenya and Southern Africa. Clients include, Sasol, Shell, BP and Total SA.

2004       Trendsetting for Total!  

Jocelyn worked with a UK based consultancy in implementing a “wet stock, stock on consignment” project for fuel in their South African network. This was a first for our country.  The other oil companies are currently implementing similar purchasing models for their networks.

2000 – 2002       EIGHTEENGLOBAL

Vice President Retail and Supply Chain                                      Dallas, Texas

• Defining the supply chain, merchandising strategy and operational models for an ecommerce B2B and B2C full service retail company with operations in South Africa and the United Kingdom, and plans for launching in United States, New Zealand, Canadian, Sweden and Australia markets. Responsibilities included designing the business to business operational model, including global sourcing and order fulfillment; managing of fulfillment partners for golf equipment, apparel, accessories, books, software and videos; defining and implementing business policies and procedures; and defining business and desired technical requirements for the Blue Martini and Oracle platforms. 
• Merchandising, and all shop related operations:  ensuring that content was updated on the web site timeously for each region; ensuring the product range, pricing levels and product mix were appropriate for each region; and coordinating all promotions, specials and orders for all regions.
• EIGHTEENGLOBAL used Blue Martini software for the front end, which was integrated with Oracle financials at the backend.  Established data capture systems for each region (SA, UK, AUS and the US) and linked them to the particular chain of each region. The content was managed centrally in Dallas.

 Oracle Project Manager, February 2000 – June 2000                                       Dallas, Texas

As a retail consultant, Jocelyn assisted EIGHTEENGLOBAL in implementing version 11.3 Oracle Financials for all the regions. Her role was to primarily review the processes from a retail accounting perspective to ensure that they met the business requirements of each specific region.
• Further, to ensure that the integration with Blue Martini met the requirements of the business as a whole
• This was fast tracked and along with E&Y consultants, was implemented within a period of 4 months within budget
• The project team was based globally and each region was set up with its own set of accounts, inventory etc

1994 – 1998    ENGEN PETROELUM LTD. (Currently trading as PETRONAS)

Head of Retail (Non Fuels), May 1994 – May 1998                    Cape Town, South Africa

• This was a strategic position responsible for setting strategy, marketing this both internally and externally to its various stakeholders. Responsibilities included managing a team of 19 people around the country and ensuring that Quick Shops, the convenience store chain, attained their targeted profit margins within the specified period of time. These included developing the Store concept, the Design and brand identity, range of products and services, the opening up of 250 stores, 50 restaurants, banks, post offices etc. over a three year period.
• A major part of the function also included gaining top of mind awareness in the minds of the consumer. AC Nielsen’s measured this annually. Engen Petroleum Ltd were No1 for 1995, 96, and 1997. Advertising, promotions, purchasing deals with suppliers and IT were also a part of the function
       o Jocelyn also headed a major project establishing a centralized distribution network in Southern Africa for the Convenience Store Industry in conjunction with major distributors and vendors based in the UK.

  1. #1 by hilary caro on May 20, 2009 - 9:31 pm

    great info….good start….wait to hear more

  2. #2 by jocelyn on July 18, 2011 - 4:38 am

    hi i just want to know more about retail shops layout and how they get people to buy more staff from their shops.please reply back with the list
    thank you

    • #3 by jocedaly on July 18, 2011 - 4:26 pm

      Hi There thanks for your enquiry. Your question is a valid one but needs far more detail to really understand it. I think I I will put together another blog on this topic specifically. Just to give you an idea, we need to firstly consider the shape of your store, its size and the store layout. If the fixtures are fixed there is very little you can do about it. And then need to look at the hot spots, cold spots – and of course we need to track our current customers traffic flow through our existing store….a good idea perhaps for a deeper look at this topic on its own. Thank you for that! Regards, Jocelyn

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